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Nature is the Healer of Disease – Hippocrates

At Pema Wellness the focus is on root cause and not merely symptomatic treatment

Guided by the vision to harness nature’s wealth, wellness at Pema is a holistic and integrated process. Involving the symbiotic coming together of nutrition, yoga and meditation, healing and other wellness practices, it is rooted in the elements of nature. Harbouring the belief that illness is the result of accumulation of toxins within the body, efforts are to detoxify & rejuvenate.

Naturopathy is a drugless, non-invasive, and rational evidence based system of treatment with natural elements. Imbibing the healing forces and goodness of nature ,it detoxifies the body, mind and soul by reactivating one’s inner healing powers. Inspired by the five elements of nature, every aspect of wellness at Pema harmonises, balances, and nourishes one towards holistic wellness.

The individualised programmes are carefully designed in consultation with the doctors, where guest expectations & goals are taken into consideration.